Personal data

This application neither requests nor collects any personal data from the user. For personal data include information such as Name, Telephone number, address, identification documents, e-mail address, among others.

Other data

This app uses third-party advertising service (Google - Admob) that can collect user geolocation data through the "Android advertising ID" for the purpose of targeting personalized advertising according to your region and interests. 

Message exchange

This application does not allow any type of exchange of messages between users. The application has only the "Contact Us" area, which allows the user to send an email to the developer to send suggestions, questions or comments about the tool.

Hits requested by the application during installation

“Photos / media / files”

This application requests write permission on the device for the purpose of saving user-customized settings in the application menu.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

The developer reserves the right to make changes to this privacy policy at any time by communicating to its users on this page. It is highly recommended that this page be consulted several times in relation to the last modification described at the bottom. If you do not agree to any of the changes to the privacy policy, you must stop using this service (this application) and you may ask the data.

Information not contained in this policy

Further details on the collection or processing of personal data may be requested from the developer at any time through the "Contact Us" section of the application menu or directly to the email "".


Last updated: 05/2019